In today’s fast-paced financial world, you may find that as an independent financial professional, you need more time to manage your current clients’ assets, meet with prospective clients, keep up with evolving market conditions, and comply with regulatory guidelines.  Add to that any sense of high-quality personal life, and the combined pressure can lead to an imbalanced lifestyle that impacts you and your loved ones. 

Enter the OSJ (Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction) Solution!

While you may think of an OSJ as purely a back-office solution to your wealth management practice, partnering with the OSJ can promote a healthier work environment and provide you with the ability to strike a more harmonious balance between work-life-relaxation.

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What is Work-Life Balance, and Why is it so Important?

At its core, work-life balance describes a positive balance between your professional and personal life.  Achieving the right work-life balance is important for physical and mental health because it can help reduce stress, prevent burnout, and enhance overall well-being. In other words, a balanced lifestyle is more sustainable in the long run.

Finding this balance is even more crucial for independent financial professionals running wealth management firms. They are likely juggling multiple roles, from client meetings and market analysis to administrative tasks and marketing, making personal time a precious commodity. 

Achieving a better work-life balance:

  • Consider the number of hours you work, the flexibility of those hours, and the intensity of work during those hours.
  • The line between professional and personal life can sometimes blur, because of working remotely and digital technologies, prioritize disconnecting from work and embracing other areas of your life such as family.
  • Create a work environment that supports work-life balance based as part of its culture, policies, and benefits, such as flexible hours, parental leave, and wellness programs.

The Role of an OSJ in Promoting Work-Life Balance

As the sole owner of a wealth management firm, the lack of a traditional office structure can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation. This is where an OSJ can step in and provide you with a structured and flexible environment at the same time

Partnering with an OSJ gives you the autonomy you want while providing a structured environment. With access to administrative assistance, compliance support, and advanced technologies, you can focus on your core tasks, knowing you have an experienced team of OSJ professionals behind you.

An OSJ doesn’t just focus on helping financial advisors grow their businesses.  It also helps after leads and prospects become revenue-producing clients. The OSJ also helps advisors align their visions with their realities while fostering trust and building a future where success is a shared journey.

Promoting Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Two heads are often better than one, especially in the financial world, where market dynamics can change daily and hour to hour. An OSJ can provide an opportunity for collaboration, discussions about market trends, and sharing experiences with OSJ team members and other independent financial professionals just like you.

This environment fosters continuous learning, allowing advisors to stay updated and make informed client recommendations and decisions. Sharing knowledge translates to better client service and a more efficient work environment, providing advisors with a superior work-life balance. 

Efficient Time Management

As the saying goes, “Time is money.” A financial professional’s two biggest assets are knowledge and time. That’s why the management of an advisor’s time is so important. The mismanagement of advisors’ time can lead to missed opportunities, including lost revenues, if they spend too much time fulfilling their administrative or compliance duties.  

For example, while a professional might spend hours on compliance documentation, an OSJ would have specialized staff or software to handle such tasks more efficiently and in a timely manner. This saved time can then be redirected toward client meetings, professional development, or personal time.

Encouraging Work/Life Balance

While OSJs provide the tools and environment to make work efficient, they also understand the importance of personal time. At Evolution Financial Advisors, one of our core principles is promoting a culture where work/life balance isn’t just a concept, it’s a philosophy practiced by everyone. 

Incorporating practice management tools, promoting collaboration, and emphasizing the importance of time management, an OSJ improves the output of advisors and contributes significantly to the well-being of professionals and their families. 

We understand the personal time of advisors is just as important as their working time. We help advisors stay caught up on the time-consuming tasks of their professionals while also focusing on what is most important to all of us…family, friends, and personal time. 
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Chris Virgil

More about the author: Chris Virgil

Chris is the assistant vice president at Evolution Financial Advisors. He works to help advisors grow their businesses and gain a sense of freedom. Chris is a business and behavioral coach working with existing EFA financial professionals to create a more fulfilling practice, streamline operations, and enhance client experience.