Sometimes your desk is a home away from home, your little island during the workday. It makes sense that your desk has those things on it that you need to do your job—mouse, phone, scanner, notepad—but what about those other things that are unique to YOUR day?

We polled the team at EFA to find out what items on their desks that are must-haves throughout the day. Beyond the world of computer monitors and water bottles, here’s a peek at the EFA desk-scape.

Vikkie Bach

  1. Pictures of my kiddos: There is a song called “You Are the Reason” that I absolutely love. I say that my kids “are my reasons.”
  2. An ornament from my Momma: It was the last thing that she gave me before she passed away. It says “You are an Amazing Woman.” This reminds me how proud she was of the person that I have become.
  3. My pink and white silk roses in vases: These are in memory of my dad; he brought me roses every birthday and Mother’s Day.

Chris Virgil

  1. Coffee: My habit is significantly more in check now than it has been in the past, but if it is any time before 10 am and I don’t have a coffee on my desk, you can bet that I am searching for it somewhere (my other habit is setting it down somewhere and walking away).
  2. Each year my kids (and my wife) put together a book for me on Father’s Day filled with pictures of our boys and me. The current edition is always within reach.
  3. Years ago, I got into collecting antique hand-carved bird decoys. The collection has grown a fair amount since then, but there are always a few favorites on or around my desk. The current residents are a Black Duck from a carver named Frank Shattuck in Sackets Harbor, NY, and a 1950s Pintail from Corolla, NC.

Rob Anderson

  1. Water: I am less than diligent about properly hydrating, so I always have a water bottle conspicuously placed on my desk as a reminder to get and stay hydrated.
  2. My Top Values Cards from the Behavioral Finance Advisor program: I have these as the wallpaper on my computer screens. They are there to remind me of the foundational values that influence my behavior and decision making. They also provide me a reminder that to be a better advisor, coach, leader, father, friend, and person, I need to understand the important values of others.
  3. Peanut M&Ms: I am a Type 1 diabetic, so sweets are generally not part of my normal diet. However, when I have a hypoglycemic episode, I go straight for the Peanut M&Ms to right the ship and yes, because they are simply the best candy invention of all time!

Mandy Szewczuk

  1. Giant monster-print mug for tea: I don’t know how people drink smaller amounts. Too bad I rarely remember it before it’s cold.
  2. Mini Bluetooth speaker: I like my life to have a soundtrack at all times, it makes me feel more epic.
  3. Seed Arts resin cast labradorite cat: I’m a tactile person, and I need a touchstone during the day. This curled up cat fits perfectly into my hand.

Alissa Lusardi

  1. A picture of my dad and me because he is my biggest cheerleader.
  2. A picture of Walter (no need for explanation here, he’s a supermodel in a dog’s body).
  3. My “key” to success – it was given to me by an old colleague, and I keep it as a reminder of my past and future accomplishments.
  4. Of course, a jar of peanut butter is always on hand because I have to have my snacks!

Liz Carter

  1. A small glass block with the saying ‘Be Thankful’ written on it. I think it may have been a gift from my sister, but I don’t actually remember. It has travelled with me to many desks. It reminds me to slow down during the day and be grateful. I keep it next to…
  2. A picture of my daughter in her Elmo socks and non-matching pajamas posing with our cat, who looks slightly terrifying. It’s my favorite, and it makes me smile.
  3. Lots of fruit to snack on and a mug full of coffee or tea, usually mint or jasmine.
Mandy Szewczuk

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Mandy works with advisors as the lead of Evolution Financial Advisor’s virtual assistant program and is part of the marketing and events team.