Hello and welcome! Evolution Financial Advisors is pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved website. Come in, have a look around, and make yourself comfortable.

Our updated look and feel should make finding information about our services easier and keep you updated on what matters to you most. At the same time, we wanted to allow you to contact us whenever you have questions easily. 

Before anyone asks, only the site has changed, not our foundation, standards, or values. We’re still the same Large Enterprise/Super OSJ, proudly empowering independent financial professionals to succeed. We’ve just improved our digital meeting space to update our look and feel as well as enhance our messaging to bring you the highest level of service we can. 

This article answers these questions:

  • What do these improvements mean?

  • Is everything going to change now?

  • Where have the resources moved to?

  • How will this affect your services?

What Do These Improvements Mean?

One of the things we’re proudest of is the enhanced navigation capabilities. More intuitive navigation bars and menus should make it easier for users to find what you need quickly and easily. This, hopefully, will save you precious time, giving you more time for your clients.

The new site also offers total accessibility to all users, regardless of your device or browser type. Anyone should be able to access Evolution’s site, wherever they are, without worrying about compatibility issues. That’s why we wanted to ensure that everyone has no problems accessing the information they need here, 24 hours a day. 

Is Everything Going To Change Now?

The short answer to the headline above is “No.” Although some changes might seem intimidating at first glance, our new home online still offers the same resources we’ve always provided, designed to help your firm. In other words, all the original aspects that have made this platform so successful in the past are still here. 

Especially in challenging economic times, we remain passionately dedicated to not just meeting but exceeding our personal and professional standards. The more value we deliver to you, the more value you’ll be able to deliver to your clients. That’s why we’d always rather do better than simply meet the mark. 

More importantly, our Evolution financial family is still here for yours—and will be in every way we can. In fact, half the reason for these changes is that we wanted it clearer than ever: You and your team are not alone. We’re here with you (and your team) for the long term. From day-to-day back office operations to transitions, we’re readier than ever.

Where Have the Resources Moved To?

This blog will be updated with helpful information, so please bookmark it: We intend to make it a valuable resource over the months ahead. The more we communicate behind the counter, the better we can help you keep informed and the more seamlessly we can help service your clients.

With that said, this blog is far from all we’ll be making available to you. For instance, we have a new eBook that you can download here.

Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Large Enterprises-OSJs

Our schedule keeps us as busy as yours does, so we can’t promise a new one every five minutes. However, I can say that there will be more of these in the future. We want your firm to thrive—first, because we’re family, and second—because your success directly impacts our own. Helping you to grow and excel are the goals that we start every business morning with. 

None of us is guaranteed success, but even in today’s economy, we believe it’s still well within reach. That’s why we will also be adding audio files and videos from time to time. If it helps your firm gain ground, it belongs here at your fingertips (so please never hesitate to send us suggestions for topics you’d like covered in the months ahead). 

How Will This Affect Your Services?

planning with Evolution Financial Advisors

The answer to this question should be, “Only by improving them.” We never stop playing the long game on your behalf, every hour of every business day. So, enhancing our online facilities is a natural result. Because words only mean so much, we wanted to show you our commitment to accessible, clear communication whenever you need to reach out to us.

If you couldn’t already tell, we’re proud that you entrust us with your business. That’s a commitment we will never take lightly. From supervision to business development and everywhere in between, we’re out to be better than just staying reliable. 

Our value-added culture continues to demonstrate this through

    • Our solid infrastructure. We provide extra business reviews, contributing to fewer rejections (and you getting paid sooner).

    • Human customer service. We hate phone mazes.

    • Business development. If you’re not moving forward, you’re probably losing ground. Professional growth is a must.

    • Assistance crafting & submitting advertising/marketing materials. We have the industry experience to help spare you from wasted time and effort.

    • Financial planning strategies & support. We’ve been there, we know what it’s like, and we’re happy to help your financial services shine.

    • Supervisory oversight & due diligence. You can’t do your best planning if you’re preoccupied. We can help with investing strategy and more.

    • Assistance with growth & expansion plans. Just as you’re with your clients for the long haul, our advisory services will be here for you. 

    • Regular meetings. We make a point of helping you remain up-to-date on the latest products and enhancements.

If coming here doesn’t bring to mind the value we provide when interacting with you directly, we’ve got more work to do on the site. Nothing less than the above-average value in every way we can deliver it will do—including our interfacing with financial advisors in Rochester, NY (and beyond) here. 

In the days and months ahead, we look forward to meeting with you, serving you, and strategizing together for the years ahead. 


Victoria Bach


Evolution Financial Advisors

Victoria Bach

More about the author: Victoria Bach

As president of a super OSJ branch of Securities America, Vikkie works with advisors interested in joining the firm and maintains close relationships with current advisors. Her passion is workshopping ideas to help them grow their businesses.