One of the best compliments a client can pay you is to let you know that as soon as something happened, whether a good or challenging life event, they knew that they needed to call you first. This level of trust is the result of a great relationship you’ve built up with them, and it’s the relationship you strive to have with every client. So what are some ways to help stay in the forefront of your clients’ minds as they’re living their lives?

  1. Give Great Service: This is the cardinal rule. If you want clients to think of you, you need to be the one they can always rely on. This means taking their calls, working for them every step of the way, answering their questions, and all of the other excellent services your office provides.
  2. Follow through after Appointments: Rather than just checking the appointment off your to do list, make sure that you follow up with a call and a letter to review what was discussed and also to point out actionable steps for the future. This reminds your clients that you’re thinking of them even when the meeting is over. It’ll help them think of you too even when they’re not in your office.
  3. Check In: Make time in your schedule for client calls, and not just ones that necessarily focus on business. Call to see how everything is going in your clients’ lives. Let them talk while you spend more time listening. If your client brings up a financial concern, of course you should answer it, but otherwise, keep it social rather than business. Show your clients you care about them as people first.
  4. Make Yourself Easy to Contact: There are a few ways to do this. Make sure your clients know how to reach you, meaning your website makes it easy to find your phone number and email address. To make it even easier, use an approved texting option or an appointment link right in your email signature so your clients can get ahold of you and in to see you without a lot of hassle. Finally, and most importantly, if your client emails or texts or leaves a voice mail, make sure you get back to them promptly.
  5. Useful Gifts: If you give something with your name and number on it, make sure it’s useful. You don’t want your logo associated with just one more thing a client has to find something to do with or will throw away.
  6. Involvement in Community: You live and work where your clients do, so make sure they know you’re part of their day-to-day lives as well. Volunteering for community events like park clean ups and parades gets your presence out there. You can also help sponsor local events like high school plays and sports teams which gets your logo into programs and flyers and your clients’ minds.
  7. Active Social Media Presence: Social media can seem daunting, but it’s a vital part of modern marketing. It’s not only important to create content on a regular basis, it’s just as important to make sure you’re engaging with your clients. That means commenting on their vacation photos and replying to any comments on your own posts. People are on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook throughout the day; make sure your name and face are popping up there.
  8. Client Appreciation Events: Never underestimate the effect of a good client event. Show your clients you appreciate their continued trust in you by holding events that will benefit them and make them remember an enjoyed time spent with you. Useful events like hosting a shred truck day at your office mean that clients associate you with things that are helpful, which will in turn make them think of you first when they need help.

Your authenticity is the most important piece of all of these ideas; your clients need to know you’re in their corner with honesty and integrity. Reminding them that you’re there for them when they need you is an ongoing process, but one that is ultimately good for both you and your clients. What do you do to keep yourself at the forefront of your clients’ minds?

Mandy Szewczuk

More about the author: Mandy Szewczuk

Mandy works with advisors as the lead of Evolution Financial Advisor’s virtual assistant program and is part of the marketing and events team.