Are you a working mom or dad? Do you have too much on your plate? Boy, do I know the feeling. I am a divorced mom of two children, taking care of an elderly parent, running my own business, and trying to find time for myself too. It’s a difficult task, balancing all of my life duties and still being able to take care of me. Some people pin a calendar to their refrigerator of their activities. I had one but couldn’t read the fine print that I needed to use in order to make it fit on that single piece of paper. What to do when your calendar of things to do and places to be is “Too Big for the Fridge?”

Your answer… get a large erasable wall calendar instead. I did this and color coded everyone in my family, even myself, and it has made a world of difference. Every night before I go to bed, I look at the wall and can sleep better knowing I have reviewed what tomorrow has planned for my family. That is the thing that has helped my insomnia the most because it allows my brain the chance to actually relax …although the lavender oil drops into my diffuser helps as well. If I need to leave for work early and my mom helps in getting the kids ready and on the bus, the three of them look at the color-coded day as a reminder of what they’re doing and where they need to go after school.

It has become a weekend ritual with my kids helping to erase the last week and to fill out the next week. I try to make sure that we are always working on two weeks ahead so that we can prepare well in advance, which works especially if you have a child who likes structure. I make sure that my bi-weekly massage is listed on the calendar as well. It is a good reminder for my children to see me taking that time to unwind, showing them that self-care is important no matter what age you are. Running on all cylinders every day, all day, takes its toll on both your mind and your body. Seeing their mom make time for her wellbeing reminds them that they need to find something to help them relax and wind down as well. They love helping “write on the wall” and making our rainbow calendar together!

But you can’t look at your wall all day you say? You need something to take on the road with you. Take a picture and you can keep your home calendar up to date with your mobile calendar if you use a joint one for both personal and professional items as well.

Victoria Bach

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