Hydration is the name of the game! We all know we should be getting through our 8 glasses of water a day, we all know we need our caffeine in the morning, and we all know what comfort drink we like to relax with, but for all of those things that we know, how much do we know about other people’s beverage habits? Do you think you can learn a lot about a person by what they choose to drink throughout the day, how they like to drink it, and all the other fun details about the way people opt to hydrate?

They’re sort of like fingerprints.

Here at EFA, we’re all about hydration, but we definitely don’t all do it the same way. See below for a walk-through of what our team is looking for when we say, “Fill me up!”


Morning means Coca-Cola because I need caffeine but don’t drink coffee. I go for the little cans so I don’t drink too much.  My favorite is Cherry Coke but there are very limited places that have them in small cans, so most of the time it’s regular Coke. 

Afternoon is typically Coca-Cola again. It’s a good thing I keep a bunch of little cans ready in the fridge. I also try to sprinkle plenty of water in between my two Cokes of the day. 

After work is just water. I’m busy with kids’ activities and my own, so I make sure to have a water bottle handy at all times.


In the morning, I go straight for coffee. My go-to is half caffeinated, drunk black with a touch of Splenda. No particular brand bias, just whatever’s on hand. 

My afternoon beverage is just water, not through a straw. I’m not fancy about that either, as I drink it straight from the tap or from my fridge dispenser. No lucky cup here, just whatever cup or bottle I grab.

After work, I might mix it up. If it’s a “school night,” I stick with responsible water. However, if I’m out or entertaining at home, I’ll have a beer or red wine. I do have some preferences there, usually opting for light beers or a nice Cabernet Sauvignon. 


I won’t make it through the morning without black coffee, and it’s got to be as hot as possible. To keep it hot, I always keep it in one of my Yeti tumblers (I don’t like to play favorites, but the purple one gets to come to the office with me a lot). I like a mix of flavored grounds with a medium to dark roast.

Throughout the afternoon, I drink water…this time as cold as possible! I have a work water bottle and a couple of at-home vessels I use, stainless steel and insulated for guaranteed coldness, of course. With lunch, I have sparkling water, preferably lime or lemon/lime. Sometimes I have an occasional tea that Mandy selects for me.

After work, surprise, more water! I like to have another sparkling water with dinner, and after that, a glass of red wine (it’s good for the heart…and soul). 


The success of a morning depends on a specific order of beverages. Water, then smoothie, then coffee. I can’t afford to mess those up! Water is straightforward, then my smoothie is a combination of lots of frozen fruit and greens. Sometimes this depends on the contents of the fridge and freezer. (Actually, it’s a secret recipe.) Coffee must be a dark roast, and I drink it black.

Afternoon is time for tea. The tea can vary, from oolong to a turmeric herbal blend. The most important point about it is that I have to drink it out of the biggest mug I can find. 

After work, I keep it pretty mellow. I mostly drink water throughout the evening, but if I’m feeling a bit fancy, sparkling water may be on the menu. My preference for that is coconut LaCroix…if I can find it. Nothing like hunting through the grocery store for coconut and getting lime. I want my tropical water!


Mornings are made for tea, usually cherry blossom green tea and always drunk out of my giant vat of a mug, which features capering little creatures. After that…another kind of tea, selected from my shelf of at least six different teas because I like to have options. I like Bigelow tea bags, the type of looseleaf tea that mentions the age of the tea bushes it came from, and everything in between. 

In the afternoon, I try to down multiple refills of the water bottle that sits on my desk. If I remember to pack sparkling water, maybe I’ll have that…or, if it’s chilly in the office, I’m back to another cup of tea, though I do try to keep the caffeine level in mind.

In the evenings, I mainly stick to water, though seasons matter. In winter, I want to hold onto a hot cocoa and slowly sip it. In summer, I may need a bubble tea (peach green with boba and strawberry jelly, specifically). 


I like a series of coffee in the morning to start the day. I’m not looking for anything too fancy (though I will treat myself to some nice beans or something flavored sometimes). I drink my coffee black. For the first cup, I let it cool down just enough to drink the whole thing quickly. After that, I need an immediate second cup, and that one needs to be hot and stay hot while I work my way through it.

I keep afternoons unexciting on the drink front. It’s mostly water for me throughout the day, though recently I’ve become a fan of the Prime drinks. As far as flavor preferences go, Tropical Punch is the best, but Bomb Pop is a close second.

If I have a drink at night, many times I’ll go for a cold IPA. I try lots of different breweries, including local ones. Other Half Brewing Company is one of my favorites. Otherwise, I’ll drink a neat bourbon, with Stranahans and Blantons being two of my go-tos. 

Mandy Szewczuk

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Mandy works with advisors as the lead of Evolution Financial Advisor’s virtual assistant program and is part of the marketing and events team.