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Today, Tomorrow, the Unknown

Depending on what stage you are in your business life cycle, you might be considering growing your business through the acquisition of a book of business, or maybe you're thinking of retirement in a few years and wondering about the valuation and sale of your business. We have extensive experience with both.

When it comes to business growth through acquisition, we are your valuable resource. We facilitate acquisitions regularly and have a proven process in place to assist advisors who are looking to acquire a practice that aligns with their business model. From search and assessment, to due diligence, integration, and ROI, we're here with you at each step.

At some point, all independent advisors will need to create a succession plan for their practice. Most advisors have spent their careers developing strong relationships with their clients, many of whom they would consider close friends and family. It's important that you know your life's work will be handled with the same attention and care that you used when building that practice. If you're thinking about retiring in few years, you are likely asking yourself, "Who can I trust to take care of my clients and provide me with a fair price for my book?" Evolution Financial Advisors can help you develop contingency plans for retirement...or life's unexpected events.

Speaking of unexpected events...One of your primary business objectives should be making sure you have a contingency plan in place. What happens if your office floods, is hit by a tornado, or is damaged by fire? What happens if YOU have a bad car accident or suffer a debilitating stroke? Planning for the unexpected is a critical component of keeping your business protected. Let us help you with an effective contingency plan as well.

These plans address MANY questions you may have, including such questions as:

  • How do I know the value of another advisor's book of business?
  • What happens to my clients if I'm suddenly incapacitated or if I sell my business?
  • How do I leverage my practice to maximize its value?
  • How do I find a buyer for my practice?
  • How do I set up an income stream?
  • How do I set up a business continuation plan?

We're here beside you today, tomorrow, and for the future.